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Using Single Sign-On

Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust have invested in "single sign-on" to enable you to open applications without having to retype passwords.

When you login to a single sign-on workstation you will be prompted to setup 5 security questions.
Setting up these questions will allow you to reset your ICT login password without having to contact the IT Service Desk. The prompt will appear each time you login until you’ve setup your questions.

Clinical staff are eligible for a proximity sticker to attach to your ID badge to allow you to "Tap in" instead of using a username/password.

Proximity stickers are currently available from:

  • General Office (main Trelawny entrance, RCH)
  • Post Grad Centre Reception (RCH)
  • Main Reception (West Cornwall Hospital)
  • Main Reception (St Michael's Hospital)

The first time you open an application that’s setup for single sign-on it will ask to learn your credentials. When you’ve logged in successfully your username and password will be saved into single sign-on. These credentials will now be used to automatically log you in to that application on any RCHT PC.


  • Security is everyone’s responsibility. Always lock your workstation when unattended.
  • Press Windows Key + L to lock the workstation or logon as another user.
  • You can also tap your badge if you have a proximity sticker.

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