Microsoft Office 2010 vs LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office and could save the trust £1000's.

RCHT presently have over 5000 active PCs & Laptops and nearly 1000 that have not used a Microsoft Office application in the last year.

Microsoft Office is being removed from all devices that have not used the software during the past 12 months and will be replaced with LibreOffice, a free and open source office suite. Each Office device licence costs £295 and we are aiming to prevent the Trust being billed in the region of £300,000 in unnecessary licence costs.

Devices on which Microsoft Office has been launched fewer than 10 times in the past year and have not used the applications Access or Outlook will also have the suite replaced with LibreOffice.

It will not be possible to replace Microsoft Office with the freeware version where it is required for authoring Maxims documents, where Access or Outlook is used on a regular basis and/or Excel pivot tables and macros are used. These devices have been identified by CITS.


If your device does require Microsoft Office & it has been removed please contact CITS Service Desk on 01209 881717 or via the Self-Service Portal who will arrange for re-installation via the Application Catalogue.

If any department would like to trial LibreOffice and has devices where MS Office can be replaced by the free alternative it can be installed via the Application Catalog icon on your desktop.

Application Catalog

Just search for and select LibreOffice + Microsoft Office Removal from the list of available applications to install the free Office alternative.

About LibreOffice

Libre Writer is a compatible replacement for Microsoft Word. Libre Calc an alternative to Excel with some exceptions for power users like Pivot table or Macros. Impress is able to replace PowerPoint at a presentation tool with slides created in Impress compatible with PowerPoint on other Workstations.

Unfortunately there is no equivalent to Outlook. To access your email and calendar you will need to use the web based version of NHSmail.

The table below shows the LibreOffice icons next to their equivalent Microsoft Office application icon.

LibreOffice Writer

Microsoft Word

LibreOffice Calc

Microsoft Excel

LibreOffice Impress

Microsoft PowerPoint

NHSmail via Outlook Web Access

NHSmail via Microsoft Outlook

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