Replacement of County-Wide Data Network (N3) and Voice Services in 2019

Contract to replace Cornwall’s data and voice network signed

Following a lengthy competitive tender process, the contract for the re-provision of the county’s wide area network and voice services has been awarded to BT. The HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) will replace the current N3 network and provide connectivity to the circa 200 Hospitals, Health Centres and GP surgeries and branches across the county.

The new network will deliver a 60% increase in the overall total bandwidth available across Cornwall & IoS over the current network. This means that c85% of Healthcare sites will receive an uplift in their network service. HSCN will also offer cost savings and greater operational flexibility and the ability to leverage new technologies as they become available.  A detailed plan for deployment is being developed with all sites due to be migrated to the new service by August 2020.

The voice network will provide a single unified platform for telephony for the county and will replace the multiple legacy and aging systems currently in use, and will allow the health community to take advantage of new technologies to support patient care.  Further communications will be issued once the detailed migration plans are developed.

Project Status

For a calendar of events related to project progress including site surveys, commissioning and migration dates please add the following shared calendar to your NHSmail account: Cornwall.COIN@nhs.net.

Current Activities

Following site surveys performed by CITS to ascertain site readiness for HSCN circuits in the first half of 2019, circuits have been ordered, local works are underway and circuits are being delivered by Openreach.

The migration links to allow sites to migrate to HSCN were successfully commissioned on 5th June 2019. We are now entering the proof of concept phase and anticipate that rollout will commence in July 2019. We will be communicating with sites to arrange commissioning and migration of circuits that have been installed once they have been confirmed as “ready” by BT. We continue to work with BT to plan the proof of concept phase.

Contact Details

For any further information about the HSCN project please contact your organisation lead. GP surgeries should contact NHS Kernow in the first instance.

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