Windows 10

Getting started guides for the new operating system.

How to Install an Application Using "Application Catalog".

On your desktop, double click the “Application Catalog” shortcut.

Application Catalog
To find an application you can:

  • Select it from the from the "All" applications list,
  • Choose an application category and then select the required application.
  • Or type the name of the application into the search field, press return on your keyboard then select the application you wish to install.

Find Application

Once you have selected an application click “Install”.

Click “Yes” to confirm you wish to install the selected software.

Install Application
A message will appear on screen advising that the installation is complete.
Click “OK”.

Install Complete
Once the application has been installed it will be ready to use. If your computer needs to be restarted to complete the installation you will receive a prompt on screen.

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