About Registration Authority (RA) cards

What is a Smartcard and why do I need one?

In order to access some National systems and applications, healthcare professionals are required to be registered on the National Spine and issued with a Smartcard. A list of some of the systems we use with a Smartcard are listed on the NHS Digital website You will need to speak to your manager to authorise a request for a Smartcard.
The service responsible for managing and administering this process is known as the Registration Authority (RA). The RA are responsible for identifying and granting appropriate profiles/access rights to users via their sponsors and issuing Smartcards to users.

Additional help

Please explore the tabs available on this page but if you cannot find an answer to your questions please raise a support request via our Self-Service Portal.

If your query is urgent please follow up with a call to 01209 88 1717.
Please put a description of the problem in the support request and include:

  • Your Smartcard’s UUID (the 12 digit number on the front of your Smartcard, below your photograph).
  • The time and date the fault occurred (if applicable).
  • Any screenshots that you think will help us understand the problem
  • The steps you have followed, which have led to the error.
  • Any error messages returned (with screenshots)


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