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What is Scan4Safety and why are we implementing ATTICUS Inventory Management System?

Scan4Safety Inventory Management uses barcodes to accurately record what implants we are using on which patients. Scanning the barcodes, whilst in front of the patient in the lab, ensures there are no admin mix ups and no data input errors.

This benefits Patient safety in several ways:

  • Product safety recalls will be fast and accurate, allowing the Trust to contact affected patients and quarantine any stock which has not yet been used
  • By scanning the implants BEFORE using them, ATTICUS checks that they are in date and can be used for the patient.  Additional safety checks are also being developed
  • Cath Lab clinical staff will no longer need to spend time ordering, unpacking or receipting deliveries, releasing that time to focus on patient care
  • Implants are automatically replenished on a daily basis, ensuring continuity of supply, reducing the chance of stock outs which could affect patient care

Financial benefits will come from:

  • Full visibility of implant expiry dates on the shelf – allowing stock to be used/returned or exchanged before going to waste
  • Improved data on product usage to establish accurate quantities for future contracts

For further information about Scan4Safety please click here to visit the RCHT Intranet page.

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