Lync 2010

Logging in

Lync is an instant messaging client with the capability to video conference, allow others to see your desktop and communicate with colleagues outside of the Trust also using the Lync or Skype applications. This page will guide you through getting started with Microsoft Lync 2010.

Lync is only available to Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust staff. To install Lync please visit the Application Catalog, search for "Lync 2010" and click Install.

After installing Lync the application will log you in automatically using your Windows credentials. If for any reason you are prompted for credentials please contact the IT Service Desk for further assistance.


Search for contacts

To search for a contact type their name into the Find a contact field. To search for a Skype user enter their Skype associated email address into the search field.

Search contacts

As you are typing a list of search results will begin to appear. When your contact appears in the results pane double click on their name to open an instant message window. If you wish to add them to your contact list or contact group hover your mouse over their name and select the + icon. You will then have the option to Pin to Frequent Contacts, add to an existing Contact Group or Add to New Group. Apart from Other Contacts and Frequent Contacts all groups are created manually by you and are not there by default.

Contact Groups

Selecting the Add to New Group option will return you to the Contact Groups tab and prompt you to enter a new group name.

New contact group

Frequent Contacts are automatically assigned to the Frequent Contacts group however if you wish you can Pin and Unpin contacts from this group by right clicking on their name and selecting Pin to Frequent Contacts.

My status

Your status can be set by clicking the arrow next to Available. By default your status is set to Away when your computer has been idle for more than 5 minutes. You will also be marked Away when locking your workstation.

The Do Not Disturb status will block all Lync contacts from sending a message to you unless you already have a conversation open with them. You are still able to send messages to your contacts and once you start an instant message with a contact they will be able to reply.

The Busy status will just change your availability indicator icon to red. Contacts will still be able to send messages to you without being blocked.

If you'd like to add a custom message to your profile such as "At Lunch" then these can be entered into the What's happening today? field at the top of the Lync client.

Change status

Send a message

To send an instant message double click on the contact you wish to send a message. A new message window will appear on screen. Type the message into the message field at the bottom of the window then press Enter/Return on your keyboard.

New Message

Using the action bar

To display the action bar single click on the name of a contact. The action bar will present you with options to send a message, share your desktop, start a video call and more.

Action Bar

Minimise Lync to notification area

To have Lync minimise to the notification area instead of the taskbar click the Options icon at the top of the Lync window, select the General tab and then tick the Minimize to the notification area instead of the task bar checkbox. Click OK to enable the option.

Lync Options

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